ペヨトル工房/夜想 Extra

A1:The Only Thing I Remember Is Your Taste And Your Smell / Nasmak
A2:Girl Athletes / 1/2 Japanese
A3:Autobus 55: Visages / Conventum ’82
A4:Nothing More “Pseudo Product 22” / Pseudo-Code
A5:Winter, From The Vincent Units Four Seasons / The Vincent Units
A6:Go-Go Girl / Size
A7:Bels / Element/L
A8:One From Ten / ユン・ツボタジ
A9:Nippon Projectile 1982 / John Bender
A10:Fever / Subject
A11:Oomoonoon / Stefan Weisser
A12:Dieplay Of Nerve / Kevin Harrison
A13:Dance On Air / Shoichi Serigano
A14:Sylvia / Amos & Sara
A15:La Tigre Sa De Berna / Feliu Gasull
A16:N’Importe Quoi / Human Flesh
A17:Setting Out, But Not Arriving / Chris Cutler
A18:Noces Chimiques / Yochk’o Seffer
A19:Fake Jazz VI / Carlos Peron
A20:Anata No Sobani / Masami Endow
A21:Cortex/Y / Cortex
A22:George Boy / Sonoko Yasuda
A23:Music For Organ And Tape / Sha’ul
A24:Time Warp / Black Sheep
A25:Africasio / Veedtharm Morgan Fisher
B1:Kenosuna / Banana
B2:Live At Savoy Tivoli, S. F. / Uns
B3:M / Die Form
B4:I Gan Noo Wha Ma Organ’s Gan / Nurse With Wound
B5:Live In Holland / Jon Rose
B6:Fluctuation / 好機タツオ
B7:Time / A Wedding Every 20 Minutes / Geoff Leigh
B8:Tar / Hamza El Din
B9:Etat D’Urgence / Art Zoyd
B10:1 Min. From Piece Making Sense Making Peace / Dorothea M. L. Franck
B11:Exemption / Mamy
B12:Watch Out / Goebbels & Harth
B13:Loops 1979-1981 / Walter Schmidt
B14:Extract From “Collage” / I Scream
B15:Hommage A Kyoto / Con
B16:The Western / Woo
B17:One Minute Woodshed / Balkan Rebels
B18:She Slides / Deux Filles
B19:245 / Magneet Bond
B20:Typical American Family / Fred Frith
B21:Gahi’s Disco / Gahi
B22:What You Mean, No Elvis? / Biting Tongues
B23:Bloody Chamber / Ludus
B24:Live In Berlin / Z’EV
B25:From Belgium With Laugh / Bene Gesserit