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Fear of Liberty -自由の恐怖

Contents of the “Fear of Liberty”

「自由の恐怖 Fear of Liberty」を購入された方にブックレット内容全文と無茶苦茶なGoogle英訳をお付けして公開します。

The full text of the booklet of the CD included

ここが何かというと CD「Fear of Liberty -自由の恐怖」のブックレット全内容です。当初、英語への翻訳を試みていたのですが完全に頓挫しました。このページの英訳文はgoogle翻訳が吐き出しました。

Here is something, it is the whole contents of the CD “Fear of Liberty – Fear of Freedeness” booklet.

Originally I was trying to translate it into English but it was completely torn down.

The English translation of this page spits out of google translation.
Clearly, it is a frown eye.
That is irresponsible.
It is quite terrible.
This is all about machine translation.
Please contact me if you will help with translation.

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Fear of Liberty Children Coup d’État

  1. 気違いソテー 06:03
  2. ラシア 05:31
  3. レッツ・ベクレル 03:16
  4. グーフ 06:28
  5. 国家追悼 03:25
  6. コンブ 06:11
  7. 脳天気国家 01:33
  8. 屈折 05:40
  9. ゾンビ列島 01:42
  10. ミラレシ 06:35
  11. 重ファンク 06:33
  12. ハッピーラッキー白痴 国家 03.17
  1.  Kichigai Sauté 06:03
  2. Lasia 05:31
  3. Let’s Becquerel 03:16
  4. Goof 06:28
  5. Requiem for Nation 03:25
  6. Komb 06:11
  7. Brain Weather Nation 01:33
  8. Inflected 05:40
  9.  Zombie Archipelago 01:42
  10. Mi La Re Si 06:35
  11. Ju-Funk 06:33
  12.  Happy Lucky Idiocy Nation 03.17

─── 佐藤薫

It is a colony-like structure. The source of power is waves of light. Establishing an autotrophic lifestyle, emitting sounds in the form of synthesized and liberated oxygen particles, and transmitting waves through the world
─── Kaoru Sato



しかしながら、2年前、復活していたチルドレンクーデターのライヴを筆者が見て驚いたのは、アート・アンサンブル・オブ・シカゴにも通じるようなその演奏の本質が全くブレていないということだった。京都生まれ京都育ち、高校から美術を学びつつジャズに首までどっぷり、そして佐藤薫との出会いでより自由で柔軟な発想を得たというリーダーのホソイヒサトは、今や画家としての手腕も発揮し、広く多面的な活動をしている(2013年に出た佐藤薫のEP-4 unit3のアルバム『À Artaud』のアートワークもホソイが担当)。“革命家”として感覚、眼光は80年代当時以上に鋭くなっているということなのか、かつてのメンバーも再集結した現在のチルドレンクーデターは若き時代には希薄だったスポンティニアスな奥行きが備わっていた。





Rhapsody playing berserk and intellect,And capriccio interspersed with rebellion and collapse

Originally, since 1982 when the children’s coup d’etat started in Kyoto, weapons were played as if they were synchronized with contemporary British and American bands that absorbed funk, free jazz like lip and rig & panic and DNA And it has. Skeletons of the ensemble that occasionally sounds phrases by unison are nothing but attacks, but the movements of the bass that rocks with poly rhythmic beats easily on the other hand are provocations themselves. Nevertheless, I also had the suction power and the capacity to take in the listener as he drew himself into the waves of the sound finally. Kaoru Sato of EP – 4 is very much liked, it was a natural encounter that he released a cassette book “Children · Coup – d ” (1983 / Peyorut Studio) with his producer.

However, two years ago, I was surprised to see the live of the resurrected Children Coup d’etat when I saw that the essence of that performance that would be familiar to the Art · Ensemble of Chicago was not blurred at all. Born in Kyoto, brought up in Kyoto, learning art from high school, heading to the neck of jazz and heading to Kaoru Sato, Hosoi Hisato, a leader who gained more free and flexible ideas, now also demonstrates his skill as a painter, (Hosoi is in charge of the artwork of the album “À Artaud” of EP-4 unit 3 of Kaoru Sato who came out in 2013). As a “revolutionaryist” sensation, the eye shark has become sharper beyond the 1980s, the current Children coup d’etre who had once reunited with members had spontaneous depths that were thin in young times.

It is this new work that engraved their appearance of such a new type. It seems that it was produced around sessions in the studio so far, but this time around half of the songs are recorded in Hosoi and the front part of the drum firstly, the violin by the K violin, sax by Mahi Mahi, Isakida Mix the guitar by repeatedly from behind. Moreover, other members did not listen to the foundation made at Hosoi and Fuchibuchi at all, he said that he recorded sound only by imagination and feeling without being told what kind of song or what kind of image it was. Suzuki Seiji (EP – 4) also participates in this work with a keyboard, but he also improvisation played without hearing fullness …. As it were, unnecessary mating of sadism that does not hear the sound and masochism that the sound is not heard. Hosoi’s ability to match it ultimately is superb, but these processes and methods are similar to the strategies and surprises of terrorists who are not going to make a political change.

Rhapsody playing berserk and intellect, and capriccio interwoven with rebellion and collapse. That’s a 2010 Children Coup. Here is the moment when the barren harmony is squeezed and the engagement takes place.

April 2014

Okamura Shiorno

Page 4 – Page 5

CD cover art-p4-5

気違いソテー / Kichigai Sauté

Children Coup d’État + SUZUKI So-si
Lyrics & Composed by : HOSOI Hisato

細部にまで浸透する泡 濡れ衣泡 煙り泡
死に体より煙草を呑み泡 暴れる泡 高圧泡
いつも夏も太陽に慌て 我の倉の懇情に昇り
いつもケツも大量 たまに変わり裁量
麻に皮に材料 撹拌する作業
総理、二人束になっても 総理、かなり幅になっても
(Scat)はばるに かばるに かばこれ はばりかなりこれに
憚り かばろに ばらどり ばばろ はばろ語りな

哉の前に谷呼ばわりされ 嘆きの箱 余り物ソテー
阿、 ばりだりさば 眼、 取りものさば
いつもケツも他に用にあわせ 特徴もの懇情に昇り
いつの星も宰領 阿保船に負担増
監獄の誕生に 気違いの在処
総理、はばりカバになっても 近江、かなり幅になっても
(Scat)憚り かばこれ 沙羅の実 あわりかばりタカり
かば是 あれ是 され是 かばり さらにタカりて

ウォーリー、二人束になっても 総身、かなり幅になっても
豚肉 たまねぎ セシウム たまご プルトニウム
身体 気違い この紙 この炉 営みの不在

Mad saute

Foam wetting clothes foam smoked foam penetrating into details
Swallow cigarettes from dead bubbles foam bubble foam high pressure bubbles
Always summer also rushed to the sunshine in the sun and worshiped in my warehouse
Always a large amount of asses occasionally change discretion
Work to stir lumps and leather materials
Prime Minister, Prime Minister even if it becomes a two person bunch, even if it becomes quite wide
(Scat) is sparingly overwhelming to protect against burnt
Do not be afraid to say frankly

Brought to you by valley before Yaya Box of gourd sauté
Even in things as it stands
Abalone Drop Mackerel, Takeshi Mahiba
Always the ass goes up for other features as well as features
When a star also increases the burden on the presiding Arabo ship
Mistakes in the birth of prison
Prime minister, even if it turns into a flying hill, Omi, even if it gets pretty wide
(Scat) Farewell tobacco Sarasu no harukari hawkers
Kabe surely made sure and by all means hurting

Wally, even if you become a bunch of two people, even if you become quite wide
Pork onions Cesium egg plutonium
Body mad This paper This absence of furnace management

ラシア / Lasia

Children Coup d’État + SUZUKI So-si
Composed by HOSOI Hisato, mahi-mahi

レッツ・ベクレル/ Let’s Becquerel

Improvisation and Collage
HOSOI Hisato + MAEBUCHI Norihide
+ SUZUKI So-si

国家追悼/ Requiem for Nation

Improvisation and Collage
HOSOI Hisato + MAEBUCHI Norihide
+ mahi-mahi + K-ko

グーフ/ Goof

Children Coup d’État
Composed by : HOSOI Hisato
コンブ/ Komb
Children Coup d’État
Composed by : HOSOI Hisato
Some Arranged by : UBUKATA Noritaka

屈折 / Inflected

Children Coup d’État + SUZUKI So-si
Lyrics & Composed by : HOSOI Hisato

それとも 目で見るかね?


Look up at the forest and count the monkeys
When flocks turn into birds
That is the end of the world
It is good to become hedonism
Even for the labor of relief
To preach people and urge regret
Or do you see with your eyes?

脳天気国家/ Brain Weather Nation

Improvisation and Collage
HOSOI Hisato, MAEBUCHI Norihide, mahi-mahi

ゾンビ列島/ Zombie Archipelago

Improvisation and Collage
HOSOI Hisato + MAEBUCHI Norigide
+ mahi-mahi + K-ko + SUZUKI So-si

ミラレシ/ Mi La Re Si

Children Coup d’État + SUZUKI So-si
Composed by : HOSOI Hisato, ITSUKI Masako

重ファンク/ Ju-Funk

Children Coup d’État + SUZUKI So-si
Composed by : HOSOI Hisato


Happy Lucky Idiocy Nation
Improvisation and Collage
HOSOI Hisato + MAEBUCHI Norihide
+ ISODA Osamu + SUZUKI So-si

Page 6 – Page 7

CD cover art-p6-7







「puppet reaction」(F.M.N. SOUND FACTORY)以来18年ぶりの新作CDとなります。

クライシス – EP-4 – 共時性


「Fear of Liberty」ではその「欲情する機械」から一曲引用しています。ぜんぜん違う曲の歌詞だけ持ってきた「屈折」がそうです。

Fear of Liberty -自由の恐怖



2014年3月 バンマス代理 千日前レタス

Fear of Liberty

Children Coup d’etat

The Children coup d’etat was formed in 1982, disbanded once in 1996, then restarted in the name of adding the ver.Boo by Mr. Noritaka Noritaka, Mahi Mahi, Original Members front and Hosoi in the 21st century. And then again after a few years again, shortly after that the Isola Takeshi, who had been closed for a long period of chilled vacation, resumed and resumed the Children Coup that removed the ver, after that the violin K Kid returned, the old and new Children Coup revived It was. Although it is reviving, the activity is relatively moderate. But the album was completed.

Children Coup d’etat + Suzuki So-shi

A special guest player is participating in this album. EP-4 Original member, French literary, writer and keyboard Suzuki Seiji.
After the 2012 session, 2013 live with Mr. Suzuki as guest player realized, the trend and momentum, and EP-4 Mr. Kaoru Sato’s proposal triggered, the production of this work was decided . Recording began in the fall of 2013, it was completed in the beginning of 2014, and it became the carry forward.

Full album after 18 years

It is the new CD for the first time in 18 years since “puppet reaction” (FMN.SOUND FACTORY).
Also as a full album of all new songs, it can be said that it has been since the old self cassette tape “Lustful machine”.

Crisis – EP-4 – synchronicity

Independent work in 1989 “machine to be lustful” and this work has a thing in common with the work which it put out after the nuclear crisis which endanger the survival of the country.

The outpost of the collapse of the former Soviet Union, this situation of this country on the verge of one collapse. I do not know if it is just a coincidence to make a full album at these times.
“Fear of Liberty” quotes one song from that “lustful machine”. “Refraction” brought only lyrics of different songs at all is the same.
At the end of the age is the final song that makes the story of India the legend of India that the monkey of the forest close to one another to become a big bird, but the origin of the idea was known in the book of Shinya Fujiwara that long ago It is a story of Maharaja. Speaking of Fujiwara Shinya, who was also a topic in the cover art of EP-4 at the time, it links with EP-4 here.
Crisis and fascism abnormal Guided by the coincidence power to the world It is not the monkey of India that is caught and crocheted, was it the original defective band of Kyoto that was estranged?

Fear of Liberty

In countries where superstition and mental defense are escaped and in which countries fascism and madness prevails, residents escape from fear, reality and freedom. It is the psychological state of Zubari as it is just as analyzed after the war from the war, but it is such a simple place that it must be because the freedom is scary as to why to escape.

It is also called a zombie, a pervert pervert who has become a slave to fascism.
On the zombie archipelago, the zombies themselves wish to be deprived of freedom and freedom is freedom for them, freedom to restrict freedom, freedom of totalitarian violence, freedom to abdicate human rights is.
It is such a fear that keeping sanity with a herd of zodiac that is such a zebra that enjoys such freedom is called madness.

March 2014 Banmas surrogate Sennichimae lettuce

BackCard inside

CD cover art- BackCard inside

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CD cover art-Backcard outside



obi strip

CD cover art-cs5-制作ファイル2

それはコロニー状の構造物。力の源は光の波だ。独立栄養生活を確立し、合成し遊離した酸素粒様態の音を吐き出して世界を透波抜いてみせる ─── 佐藤薫


定価 ¥2000

製造・発売元:細井工房 京都市上京区仲之町288-2 Hosoi KoBo MJ

Fear of Liberty – 自由の恐怖」そんなわけで万が一まだ買っていない、持っていないという方はしっかり購入して聴きこんで頭痛くなってください。

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